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Where there is light, there is life

October 19, 2017 1:25 pm Published by

Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff, known as the Urban Jungle Bloggers, have a truly natural affinity with plants. Riding on the crest of a wave, their recent Urban Jungle’ book has been hugely successful (with English, French and German versions). We would like to thank them for imparting some of their green-fingered wisdom.

Apartment in Valencia old town. Pics by Alicia Macias – www.aliciamacias.es

Apartment in Valencia old town. Pics by Alicia Macias – www.aliciamacias.es

Where there is light, there is life. Maybe it is a simple phrase but it applies to many spheres of life. We as humans thrive with light just as nature thrives with light. With today’s growing trend of urban jungles, inviting nature indoors has become not only an expression of a lifestyle but a firm conviction. The easiest way to live this conviction is with houseplants. Adding lush plants to the interior not only accentuates an interior style, it also enhances the living conditions. Plants function as air purifiers and stress relief. But plants also require light for photosynthesis; the process of the plant making its own food. Answering the light question is a crucial step in succeeding with houseplants.
Nature’s bounty is magnificent. Yet not every plant from nature is an ideal roommate. However, the majority of available houseplants should not pose too many problems for the average plant enthusiast at home. When choosing the adequate plant for a room the light question should be on top of your list. Is it very bright, does the room get a lot direct or indirect sunlight or is it rather shady? For any given situation, there are ideal plants available. Even if you prefer to add a living plant to a windowless room, for example, a bathroom with no window (however you will need a special plant growing light in those circumstances).
But light is much more than a source of life for plants. It is also an important decorative aspect in interiors. Decorating a home with plants should not neglect the question for an adequately decorative lighting solution. So where is the connection between plants and light when it comes to interior decoration? The clue is in nature or in this case: natural materials. Matching plants with lamps made of natural materials is an obvious win-win situation. LZF Lamps with its motto Wood touched by Light’ is a winning partner for this task. Whether it’s a sleek suspension, a sculptural floor lamp, or a beautiful table lamp the choices are numerous. In other words: Every interior style can find its plants and LZF lamps. 
So which plants should you match with a specific light situation?
Here is a short list of plants according to their light requirements (be aware that this is not a full list, just a few suggestions for guidance):
Bright and direct sunlight: Cacti, succulents, Cycas, Papyrus, Yucca…
Indirect light: Ficus, Dracaena, Alocasia, Calathea, Monstera…
Low light: Sansevieria, Spider plant, Pothos, Dieffenbachia, Ivy, ZZ plant…
Living with plants is easy. It does not require botanical proficiency, it does not entail lots of time and commitment. Choosing the plants according to your lifestyle and getting some basic knowledge about your new green roommates will pave the way for a thriving and rewarding cohabitation. For additional plant information and inspiration check out our book Urban Jungle Living and Styling with Plants’. 
Poppy lamp by Burkhard Dämmer - Large Gea lamp by Mariví Calvo - MiniMikado lamp by Miguel Herranz

Poppy lamp by Burkhard Dämmer – Large Gea lamp by Mariví Calvo – MiniMikado lamp by Miguel Herranz

Written by Urban Jungle Bloggers

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