“LZF was born among friends, on the shores of the Mediterranean, that inexhaustible source of light, calm and joy.”
“At LZF we combine traditional knowledge, hand-made by expert craftsmen, with technology and research."
"We love details, imperfections, discovery and the exquisite transformation that light produces in wood."
"We build lamps like someone who creates dresses, polishes jewelry or models sculptures. We create harmonious, elegant, unique forms."
"We select each sheet of wood on the basis of its grain and transparency."
"We care for it as if it were a precious fabric, categorising its properties to create a specific volume."
"Our collections have their own distinct identity, they are diverse and invite the client to identify with the model they need, filling the life and the lives of those around them with light."
"We don't believe in obsolescence and we like all our packaging to be as bio-degradable as possible."
"We researched and patented a process called Timberlite to build them, eliminating contaminating processes and integrating sustainable processes."
"We love shapes, colours, rhythms, fine materials, beauty, light and enjoying our surroundings."
"We are a team of craftsmen, designers, engineers, communicators, programmers, illustrators, writers, accountants, salesmen, strategists and inventors"
“We are LZF, painting, art and music led us to where we are now."

"LZF nació en 1994 entre amigos, en Valencia, a orillas del Mediterráneo, esa fuente inagotable de luz, calma y alegría."