About Us

In 2020, we’ll celebrate twenty-five years at LZF. Our journey has been an exploration of light, love and life. During this time we’ve experienced our share of hard work, some has given better results than others but it has always brought us experiences that help us improve in the long run. Recently, we took a step back, reflecting on our way of working and our aspirations, making some much needed changes. Our core values remain the same, but we’ve shaken things up: we have new lamps, new materials, new people and new designers, and we feel heady with excitement.

Comprising more than twenty-five lighting fixtures, LZF’s new collection is both diverse and discerning. We set the bar high and we rose to meet it, in many ways exceeding our own expectations – we are proud of the results. Design and collaboration with creatives and artists from a range of sectors played a crucial role in the new collection, but they are also key aspects of our philosophy. Design is about a shared experience, one that recognises a common sensibility, a perceptiveness. Moreover, at LZF we see design as a cause. The source behind many of our processes, we aim to utilise design wherever possible: in the products we develop, in how we show them at fairs and in our corresponding communication campaigns. Design is a fundamental and essential part of the LZF experience.

At LZF we are always mindful of efficiency and sustainability, of innovation and longevity. We know that product design is about a complete experience and we’re working hard to meet your expectations. But more than this, we know that light is an integral part of our lives, intimately connected with our emotions and feelings. In the pages of this catalogue, we hope you will take pleasure in our new lamps. They are a physical expression of everything that LZF stands for and they mark a new chapter in the company’s journey.