Products made by Luziferlamps S.L. are guaranteed for 24 months according to European law. This guarantee will not apply if the installation, maintenance or use of our product has not followed our recommendations.
Since wood is a natural material, a gradual change in tone may occur over time. Furthermore, if the lamps have been purchased at different times, there will be differences in colour and tone, particularly in light coloured veneers. Luziferlamps S.L. will not be held responsible for this.
Moisture and extreme temperature changes will be prejudicial to the materials that make up your lamp. Please read all our instructions and recommendations on the use and care needed for your lamps.
Damages caused by insects, vermin, accidents, alterations, tampering, misuse, reasonable wear and tear or negligence are not covered by the guarantee. The guarantee does not apply to light bulbs that may or may not have been supplied at the time of purchase or after the sale.
Luziferlamps S.L. assumes no responsibility for labour costs in connection with the installation, removal or replacement of warranty products for any consequential or incidental damages. In the event customer submits a warranty claim of any kind to any products delivered, Luziferlamps S.L. shall replace such defective item with a substantially similar product (subject to availability). Provided that such warranty claim is made in writing with digital photo support by the customer to Luziferlamps S.L. within two years from the date of the applicable invoice and it does not involve a defect that could have been discovered at the time of inspection and acceptance by the customer.
Luziferlamps S.L. reserves the right to modify the size and/or finish of its models for product improvement purposes. Printed material is easily out dated. Please refer to our online technical details found on our web page, to make sure that you have the most up to date information on our products.